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100 Stories interweaves individual experiences with a shared goal of opening up conversation. The stories are written by 100 different people who have experienced cancer in some way. Each story is accompanied by an image of the person who wrote it, created with the Cancer On Board symbol. Flick through the book to see the images become clearer as the stories get longer, providing a visual representation of the length of story told. The stories themselves are moving, hopeful and authentic, and are all based around the central concept – normalising speaking about cancer, without fear of judgement. 100 Stories is about cancer, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s about talking, sharing and connecting, and doing so through adversity, but also in spite of it. It’s about feeling less alone, no matter what life throws at you. It’s about listening and learning, and creating a world where people feel comfortable to share what they’ve been through, without fear of judgement.

10% of all sales go to Cancer On Board.
256-pages, litho printed in the UK on 100gsm paper to the highest quality and hand wrapped on dispatch by Helena.
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  1. admin

    This book is amazing. Not only because it is helping to further the conversation around cancer and to bring it into daily conversation but it also shows how different everyone is with a cancer experience. We aren’t all bald and attached to drips. Many are out and about with hair looking like anyone else. Helena is incredibly talented and it’s also a great piece of art. Even if you ignore all the cancer stuff!
    Katie via Amazon

  2. admin

    This revelatory, moving and ingeniously structured book will make readers think and become readier to talk about cancer, a subject that is, for many, still wrapped in silence. It is a book for anyone whose life has been affected by the disease directly or indirectly – a book, in other words, for everyone.
    Kate Kellaway, Observer Critic

  3. admin

    Important, educational, life-affirming. What a brilliant idea for a book. I love the differing personalities and stories; I learned so much from so many of them! I really hope this book does well. We need more honesty and diversity in the cancer community.
    Grace via Amazon

  4. admin

    Highly recommended! Beautifully put together, touching with an important message behind it. This book has done fantastic things for those who have been suffering with cancer, and really allows the reader to see into the lives and stories of ordinary people who have had the terrible misfortune of having been diagnosed with the illness.
    Bernard via Amazon

  5. admin

    I picked up the 100 Stories Book this morning and ended up reading it cover to cover. It’s full of personal stories of carers and cancer clubbers on their cancer journeys. There’s also a podcast that Helena is producing that goes into more detail with each person on their story. While there are some similarities, it’s striking just how personal each person’s cancer journey is.Thank you for putting all the stories together. Just shows how diverse and unique each person’s experience is.
    Kris via Facebook

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