A growing community, which promotes open discussion to normalise the cancer conversation.

What started as a design project for Helena Traill, quickly turned into a beautiful book that wove together the stories of 100 people who have experienced cancer in some way. But it became apparent that there was more still to be done. As stories were shared, the conversation grew until it became a community of voices, all working together for one shared purpose – to normalise speaking about cancer. For too long, society has created shame around the illness. But not anymore.

We are breaking that apart, telling people it’s okay to talk, to share, to connect.

Today, the 100 Stories community contains many hundreds of voices, and is constantly growing as the momentum continues. As well as the 100 Stories Book, there is now the 100+ Podcast, the 100 Stories Blog, and a thriving internet community.

It has become a platform that facilitates the sharing of stories, working to make people feel less alone.

Listen to the 100+ Podcast


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