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The Value of Sharing Experiences with Cancer App NatiaCares

Last month I heard about the app NatiaCares: which helps people affected by cancer feel better (emotionally, physically and spiritually). And what a clever concept I think it is. 

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Their holistic app looks at four areas: mediation, yoga, music and (my personal favourite) conversations.

I was honoured when they got in contact to ask if we could collaborate on a blog post about Overcoming Isolation Through Sharing Experiences. One of NatiaCares’ core values is to be grounded in science, so this new blog post delves into my storytelling can help us through shared experiences. Just look at the Instagram communities that have grown in the past few years and everyone who is now part of the Cancer Club.

Sue Ziebland and Sally Wyke state in their literature review on the subject:

“Having an illness, facing a health issue, or being a family caregiver can challenge one’s personal identity, and some people may feel embarrassed or even stigmatized by their condition. Knowing that others are tackling similar problems and learning how they deal with difficult issues can reduce these feelings of isolation, bringing a sense of belonging to a group and reassurance that one’s experiences and reactions are ‘normal’”.

I highly recommend reading the full post over on NatiaCares to read more about why telling stories of shared experience can help you.

Oh and as part of this little collaboration, I am offering all readers a 20% discount* in the 100 Stories shop with code NATIA20! I really do believe the 100 Stories book can help others and I want to get it out there as much as possible. Plus, 10% of sales goes to the charity Cancer On Board and any other proceeds go straight into a pot for the second edition (keep your eyes peeled in 2021!).

*Order must be before the 15th December, to be delivered in time for Christmas.

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